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NJ Turnpike Case Study

New Jersey Turnpike Traffic Safety Service

The New Jersey Turnpike 6-9 Widening Project

Working on or remodeling active roadways and public spaces can be extremely challenging because you need to keep the ongoing traffic in mind. The traffic should either be diverted or managed in such a manner that no one gets injured during the project. At Traffic Safety Service, we’ve worked on several large-scale projects to ensure traffic moves in and around the work site safely.


How We Handled the Project

This information helped to keep traffic flowing safely in a carefully controlled manner to ensure there were minimal incidents and no unexpected delays. Coordinating with several contractors on the same job was a challenge but our crew maintained communication with all parties involved to eliminate any problems which might arise. Using advanced Smart Work Zone technology allowed Traffic Safety Service to coordinate a complex traffic control system that effectively protected the motorists and crews on-site.


About the Project

During the New Jersey Turnpike 6 – 9 Widening project, around 25 miles of the road was expanded from 6 lanes to 12 lanes of variable speeds for better traffic movement. This expansion was necessary because the old system couldn’t support the amount of traffic that passed through the roads on a regular basis. The expansion has eased traffic jams, improved safety, reduced the number of accidents, and made the commute in the Trenton, New Jersey area shorter.

Traffic Safety Service received the primary contract for this project and handled all on-site traffic control with logistics and software support from Ver-Mac. Smart Work Zones require focus and planning, especially on large-scale projects like this.

“There were thousands of vehicles of different sizes on the road so the smart work zone traffic control system had to be as perfect as we could make it.” Chief Operating Officer Mike Pecoraro shares about the NJ Turnpike 6-9 Widening Project. “The combination of on-site crew and off-site software and backup worked wonderfully in this case and helped us keep everything on target.”


About Traffic Safety Service, LLC:

Since 1971, Traffic Safety Service, LLC has been and continues to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of Traffic Control Devices and pedestrian safety products and services, making people, roads, and communities safer. Traffic Safety Service specializes in lane closures and traffic control, also known as maintenance and protection of traffic. Maintaining safe and smoothly flowing roadways despite closures, traffic detours, and road obstructions is our #1 priority. Proud to be an American company, we manufacture custom sign products and are 100% American-made to uphold the highest standards of safety. TSS manufactures and distributes many items: taxiway markers and airport products, truck fabrication and TMA installation, A-Frame Barricades, Type I – Type II – Type III barricades, water filled barrier, traffic control plans, ground mount attenuators (GMA), emergency management trailer packages, smart work zone systems, concrete barrier installation, variable message signs (VMS), arrow boards, light towers, portable traffic signals, speed limit radar trailers, cone layer trucks, bucket vans, bucket trucks, lane closure and flagger services. Traffic Safety Service, LLC stands behind our products with the highest principles and is proud to maintain the highest certification levels available in our industry, including OSHA, ATSSA Flagger & Traffic Control Coordinator Rutgers, and SWAC. We are proud to offer 24/7 service 365 days per year.