High Rail Equipment

Rail Mounted Bucket Trucks

Elliott L60 High Rail Bucket Truck
Basic High Rail Assembly includes:

  • Base Assembly
  • Supporting rear mounted rotating turret
  • Hydraulically powered continuous rotating mechanism
  • Oil Reservoir Mounted to Truck Frame
  • Manual Hydraulic Controls Mounted to Turret
  • Hydraulically self leveling & Roatating 30″ x 54″
  • EZR Work Platform with remote leveling from platform
  • Unit certifed to ANSI A92.24Vehicle-Mounted Elevating & Rotating Aerial Devices
  • Platform Capacity 500 Pounds
  • Minimum Height 57′ Ground To Platform Floor
  • Working Range 62′ Maximum Height 56′ Maximum Side Reach

** We are a Certified DMF Installer & Distributor