Steel Pedestrian Gates

Simple – Unique, built-in hand grips – fast, easy handling and installation.
Easy, one-person carry and install – no tools needed. Secure – Close pickets, tight interlock – built for maximum control.
Fast repositioning – quickly change space or traffic flow.
Smooth edges, no sharp points – safe for all ages and events. Attractive – Two designs in stock and ready to ship.
Style and strength – indoors or outdoors.
Your choice of T-Stand or Y-Stand – in any finish.
Custom colors available by special order – reinforce your identity. Affordable – Precise stack/store overlap – minimizes space and labor needs. pedestrian gates Ped-Gates-050-150x150          pedestrian gates pedpedestrian gates Ped-Gates-028-150x150

Additional Specifications

Security and Style for Events of All Kinds:

Parties & Receptions
Concerts & Paid Admission
Receptions & V.I.P. Security
Carnivals & Amusement Parks
Sporting Events/Stadiums
Crowd Control/Political Events
Parades/Public Gatherings
Traffic Control/Ticket Lines
Emergencies/Govt. Agencies
Running/Biking Paths
Restaurants/Outdoor Dining


Size: 43″ H x 102″ W
Frame: 1-5/8″ Tube
Picket: ¾” Tube
Stand: T or Y, 24″ wide w/ Set-Pin
Weight: 38 lbs.
Finish: Elegant Black or Classic Galvanized, and Powder Coat Orange