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Vehicle Mounted Detour Lights

Vehicle Mounted Detour Lights Vehicle Mounted Detour Lights 1
The Terex Amida
The Terex Amida Vehicle mounted detour lights are designed and built to meet all necessary safety and structural requirements. All sign functions can be operated from a dashboard-mounted controller for maximum convenience.
D Quad-Flash Strobe

  • State-of-art quad flash technology. Very bright attention-getting quad flash display with 825 candela/sec.
  • ABS Plastic base. Fresnel lens.
  • 75 Quad flashes per min.
  • Available in double flash
  • Available in amber, red, blue, or green

Vehicle Mounted Detour Lights Specifications
Roof Racks
Our drop models make it possible to rest the arrowboard on the vehicle when not in use. They are equipped with vertical and horizontal locking mechanisms.
VMS – 15
Black-painted steel
Fits all vehicle types
Mountings and tether straps included
VMS – 15P
The VMS 15P swivel stand pivots arrowboard to face traffic in either direction
Keeps arrowboard in vertical position
Fits all vehicle types
Black-painted steel
VMS – 60
Stainless steel and aluminum
Fits vehicles with rain gutters
VMS – 60E
Motorized stand automatically rises when the arrowboard is activated
Fits vehicles with rain gutters
Stainless steel and aluminum

We also manufacture custom-made stands for special needs