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Automatic Retractable Lane Delineators

Automatic Retractable Lane Delineator The RETRACTORâ„¢ Automatic Retractable Lane Delineator (ARLD) provides a safe solution to guide and channelizer traffic in locations requiring repetitive changes in lane usage or traffic flow patterns, such as toll plazas, tunnels and reversible lanes. A durable, flexible channelizing post is housed in a self-contained cartridge recessed in the ground. When activated, the channelizing post is raised into position to provide positive guidance to traffic. The post is lowered into the recessed cartridge when not in use.
Conventional channelizing devices such as cones, drums or vertical panels require workers to manually change, reset and maintain their locations. This practice requires workers to enter the travel lanes creating a significant safety hazard. Manual operations are also time consuming and labor intensive. The RETRACTOR delineator posts are raised and lowered from a safe remote location, eliminating the need to expose workers to hazardous traffic.

Typical Applications:

  • Automatic toll collection lanes
  • Reversible lanes
  • HOV lanes
  • Railroad crossing
  • Parking access
  • Weigh stations
  • Tunnel/Bridge access
  • Safe & Reliable Channelization:

  • Remote or local activation
  • Minimum intrusion into adjacent lanes
  • Flexible posts returns upright after impact
  • Eliminates workers exposure to traffic
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Simple drop-in cartridge
  • Cost effective
  • Waterproof