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Ground Mount Attenuators

SCI70GM & SCI100GM Impact Attenuators

impact attenuators NCHRP 350 Approved The SCI100GM and SCI70GM are fully redirective, non-gating, bidirectional Impact Attenuators. They were designed for safety and reusability. All required NCHRP 350 tests were performed with the same units with no required replacement parts. To reset both units after a frontal impact, you have to remove five pins, pull it out and replace the pins.

Safety comes first with the SCI100GM as it provides lower average ridedown G forces due to the fact that it is a speed dependent system instead of fixed force. It requires minimal spare parts inventories due to the new side panel design which minimizes damage and snag potential on side impacts. During our testing, it produced very low angles of exit which reduces the potential of the vehicle rebounding back into traffic. Quick resetting due to minimal damage reduces worker exposure, repair part costs and repair labor costs.


  • Variable force not fixed force
  • Outstanding resetability
  • Reduced snag potential on side impacts
  • Minimal spare parts required



  • Severe Duty
  • Lower average ridedown G forces
  • Tubular Support Frames
  • Low angle of exit on side impacts


impact attenuators 1 SCI70GM & SCI100GM – Additional Features
impact attenuators 2 SCI70GM & SCI100GM – Documentation & Video
impact attenuators 3 SCI70GM & SCI100GM – NJDOT Approval Letter