Pedestrian & Manhole Guards

Pedestrian Barricade Systems protect pedestrians from hazardous areas. Three brightly colored panels form a barrier for escalators, control panels and other service situations, alerting the public to the existence of a maintenance area and prohibiting entrance into the service zone. Place four, five or even six panels together for a complete enclosure. What’s more exiting about the design is the added continuous bottom “tapping” rail for blind pedestrian navigation around the danger zone.

Pedestrian barricades satisfy the new MUTCD guidelines for pedestrian safety in the work zone. Reducing the risks of pedestrians near worksites is one of the issues addressed in MUTCD safety standard 6D.01, 6D.02 and 6F.68. These standards state “all pedestrian barricade systems must now provided a continuous detectable edging so that blind pedestrians navigating with a cane can safely be guided around hazards.” Pedestrian Barricade Systems have this continuous rail feature as part of their design.