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Breakaway Post Systems
Breakaway Systems are designed to be used for rapid replacement ability of damaged signs in all areas but are especially beneficial in high-impact areas, like center medians, islands, large rights-of-way, bull noses, turning radii, bridge abutments and sharp curves. Easy to install – direction are supplied with every order.

RIB-BAK U-Channel Breakaway Systems – Lap Splice

The RIB-BAK U-Channel Breakaway System made easy. The Lap Splice System is designed to give the user any easy-to-install ground mounted, bolted breakaway system for any size SP-80 RIB-BAK U-Channel (up to 4 lb posts) at a cost that is remarkably less than competitive U-Channel systems using:

a. Two high performance grade 9 bolts and nuts
b. Four grade 9 washers
c. Two unique threaded spacers

The Lap Splice System securely nests RIB-BAC I-Channel ground posts and top posts together, forming a union as strong as the posts themselves.

RIB-BAK U-Channel Breakaway Systems – Minute Man

The industry’s only true 360 degree safety RIB-BAK U-Channel Breakaway System. The MINUTE MAN consists of two pieces of alloy cast steel (ASTM A536 GR.80) which fit into a cast RIB-BAK U-Channel. These couplers are bolted to a MINUTE MAN ground post and a MINUTE MAN upright sign post, and then connected by a shear pin. On impact, the pin connecting the MINUTE MAN couplers shears, separating the upright sign support from the ground post. An aircraft cable (optional feature) tethers the post so that it is not carried away.

Advantages of the MINUTE MAN® 1. Easy to install, one person can do it in less than 10 minutes. On-site time can further be reduced if the unit is pre assembled in the shop.
2. After impact from any direction, the MINUTE MAN Breakaway System leaves a reusable stub over 95% of the time, reducing repair and replacement costs.
3. Ease of conversion – existing signs can be easily converted to the MINUTE MAN Breakaway System, usually in less than 15 minutes.
4. Use of the same basic installation equipment that is used to install conventional signs posts: sledges, power jackhammers, gasoline or pneumatic power drill/breakers. A MINUTE MAN drive cap and a MINUTE MAN post driver are also available.
TELESPAR® Support Systems

The unique manufacturing method used to produce TELSPAR tubing sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size for convenient installations, maintenance and reuse. The square shape also provides torsional stability.

How the TELESPAR® Breakaway System works:
A 3′ length of TELESPAR tubing is driven into the soil to serve as an anchor base. A yielding breakaway system is easily created by using an outer sleeve of the next larger size tube than the original 3′ anchor base. The additional sleeve, approximately 18″ long, provides a double wall thickness to accomplish the breakaway function. The sign post is then inserted and bolted into the anchor assembly. Upon impact, the post yields at the top of the anchor assembly, normally leaving it undamaged.