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Roll-Up Signs

Tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350
Roll-up construction signs come in a variety of different materials and legends. These signs utilize pultruded fiberglass cross bracing or rings along with plastic corner pockets to achieve maximum performance, even in the windiest conditions.Roll-up construction signs include a wide variety of products that have been tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

Standard Construction Sign Legends    Available in Sizes 36″ x 36″ or 48″ x 48″

Roll-Up Legends:
1. Be Prepared to Stop
2. Construction Ahead
3. Crew Working in Trees
4. Detour Ahead
5. Fresh Oil
6. Flagger Ahead (Words)
7. Flagger Ahead (Symbol)
8. Men Working (Words)
9. Men Working (Symbol)
10. Mowing Ahead
11. One lane Road Ahead
12. Right Lane Closed Ahead
13. Road Closed Ahead
14. Road Construction Ahead
15. Road Work Ahead
16. Shoulder Work
17. Signal Work Ahead
18. Slow
19. Survey Crew
20. Transition Symbol (With Overlay)
21. Tree Work Ahead
22. Utility Work Ahead
23. Work Area Ahead
24. Workers Ahead

Standard Sign Overlays:

For the word: RIGHT
3. ONE

For the word: AHEAD
1. 500 FT.
2. 1,000 FT.
3. 1,500 FT.
4. ½ MILE
5. Directional Arrow