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Airport Guidance Systems

Runway-Taxiway Guidance Systems – The Airfield Guidance Signs are available with white legend on red reflective or black letters on yellow reflective. Various sizes and styles are offered for special applications.

  • Distance-To-Go Markers and Halfway D.T.G. Markers – Two styles of Distance-To-Go Markers are available with white legend on green reflective.
  • Runway-Taxiway Retroflective Markers – These Markers are F.A.A. approved and are used to delineate taxiways and runways.
  • All “Airside” products utilize Hi-Intensity retroflective sheeting. Signs are available in single or double sided version. Posts are made of coextruded polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and can be installed in soil or on asphalt or concrete.
  • Taxiway Markers – New FAA Compliant System

    Safe-Hit reboundable airport markers are tested and certified by ETL to the FAA’s L-853 standard and are certified by ETL to meet the specifications of the FAA Advisory Circular: 150/5345-39C.

    All airport markers utilize hi-intensity retroreflective sheeting. The posts are made of co-extruded polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and can be installed in soil, on asphalt or on concrete. Safe-Hit Airport Markers utilize only high strength plastic fasteners resulting in a product that is superior in corrosion resistance and long term performance. This, combined with the self restoring nature of the Safe-Hit Airport Marker, helps keep life cycle costs among the lowest in the industry.

    Available post colors: White, Light Gray, Dark Gray. Available reflective colors: Blue, White, Red & Green