Banners & Tape

Load Banners
Load banners measure 18″ x 7″ & have 5′ polypropylene tie ropes sewn in. They are made of a super-tough, yellow, vinyl-coated nylon material and have bold black letters which say either “Wide Load” or “Oversized Load”. Banners available with lettering on both sides.

Biodegradable Barricade Tape
This product is the only truly biodegradable barricade tape on the market.

Underground Detectable Tape
5-mil double-laminated tape is permanently printed in bold, black letters. This underground detectable tape comes in 5 APWA color-coded legends: Red-Electric, Blue-Water, Yellow-Gas, Green-Sewer, and Orange-Fiber Optic Telephone.

Removable Pavement Marking Tape
Premium grade, temporary, easily removed, pliant polymer base marking tape is ideal for construction or roadwork where temporary re-routing of traffic flow is required. Installation requires no special equipment or primers.

Foil Backed Pavement Marking Tape
Engineer Grade/Construction Grade. Temporary foil marking tapes are easily installed by hand.