Road Markings (Paint)

Traffic Paint Water based (Latex) and VOC (volatile organic compounds) or Low VOS (volatile organic substances) traffic paints for marking asphalt or concrete. Specifications available for all paint concerning thinning, drying time, highway preparation, spreading real, content, etc.

Pavement Markings Markings are also available for parking lots, streets, highways and construction work zones. Adhesives vary for temporary or permanent locations.

For Flex™ Stencils Cut from heavy weight poly-vinyl, these stencils are more durable than plywood stencils, yet are lighter, easier to transport and resist warping. Dried paint flakes away from the vinyl surface, making clean-up very easy. Letters, numerals and symbols range in size from 3 inches to 8 feet. Custom made stencils available. For Flex™ Stencils make spray painting easy.