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Type III Breakaway Barricades

Base & Upright Sold
This two piece breakaway barricade is made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene, meaning these barricades will not shatter of break apart on impact.

These units are rotationally molded from a modified polyethylene that increases their resistance to ultraviolet degradation, increasing lifespan and reducing total cost.

Our two-piece barricade is designed with a unique stacking detail allowing units to interlock with one another for added convenience during break down and transport.

Overall size is 48.5" L x 36.5" W x 56" H with an assembled weight of 20 pounds. 8" x 48" blank or striped panels are available as an option.

» USDOT FHA Approval Letter  [PDF]

Note: Please specify Engineer Grade or High Intensity sheeting when ordering. All barricades are available as complete units or as individual components.