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Low Intensity A or C Lights Hi Intensity B Lights
Housed in an unbreakable molded plastic battery case, these 6-volt lights have two 7" hi-impact Lexan Lenses in choice of amber, red, green, blue or clear (amber standard). Vandal-proof button-head bolt, internal switch, and "switch-pin" included; photo-cell optional. 6-volt batteries are ordered separately. Specify flash (Federal "A") or steady burn (Federal "C") when ordering. Weight: 1lb. 60z.
Housed in either a bright yellow durable steel or molded plastic battery case, this 12-volt "B" light is made for long lasting use. This light meets all standards, i.e., 12-volt, 8% on time, one 7" amber Lexan lens, one 7" reflector plated sunshade, and flash rate of 55 to 75 FPM. Light comes with detachable head. 12-volt batteries are ordered separately. Weight: 34lbs (Barricade light bracket also available)