Strides Against Breast Cancer Event

American Cancer Society

Response from American Cancer Society Regarding our crews work on October 16th and 17th, 2021 at the Strides Against Breast Cancer Event in Central Park, New York City.

I am writing letter to serve as documentation of feedback our entire NYC team has for TSS, Marvin, Hector,

and their teams.

To say we were pleased with the services provided by TSS and your team, would be an incredible understatement.

I have worked for the American Cancer Society for nearly seven years, I have planned nearly 100 large scale community
events, and have worked with hundreds of different vendors. Marvin, Hector and the entire TSS workforce we met, all were hands down the absolute best partner we have ever had.

The delineation of our Central Park Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is arguably the most important part of our logistics aside from tenting. Ensuring safety of our constituents and proper crowd flow is crucial to a successful
event. From our first conversation, Marvin was understanding and incredibly responsive. He helped ensure we had the materials needed in order execute this. Even coming on the 17th to help, Marvin was crucial to our success.
On October 16th and 17th there was not a harder worker east of the Hudson River than Hector. He and his team not only did an amazing job setting up, Hector was continuously problem solving, maintaining a contagious upbeat
attitude and leading by example. Our forklift ran out of propane, who was there to save the day not once, but twice? Hector.

NYC Parks Department has historically been difficult to please. The feedback we received this year from them was
that our route was “the best they have ever seen”.
While we may have been a small contract to TSS in the grand scope of your pipeline, this Making Strides Event is the largest (attendance) in the country for ACS and raised over $1.2m this year for crucial breast cancer research, free
lodging for cancer patients, free rides to treatment, free wigs for patients and much more.

We could not have done this without the tremendous work and execution of TSS. We are grateful to you, your team and our partnership.

We look forward to 2022.

Yours in the fight.