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arrow board rental


Traffic Safety Service’s Arrowboards are used to show directions to drivers and people on the project site. The unit has 3 basic modes of operation: left arrow, right arrow, or caution mode. These boards are mounted on a trailer for easy transport and have 15 lights but are available in 25 light configurations for sale.

This board is energy-efficient, easy to use, and made from durable materials. You can fold the system into a travel position to protect the Arrowboard. The board also has Optipower Lens for maximum LED light output and solar panels to recharge the battery quickly.

vms rental message board rental


Arrowsboards just provide directions or caution. They can’t convey messages to the on-coming vehicles. If you want to convey messages to the drivers, you need to use a VMS. The Variable Message Sign that Traffic Safety Service carries in their equipment rental inventory can convey several messages easily and can be programmed at the trailer or remotely through an Internet software interface. The on-coming vehicles will see messages clearly as they approach the project site and can change their actions accordingly.

The units are used in place of static signs to inform people of changing job situations or daily safety information that static signs would not be practical to handle.

light towers for rent


When night work is required crews need a bright light source to get the job done. Traffic Safety Service’s Trailer-Mounted Light Towers are easy to transport and come with bright HD metal halide lighting system. The tower is designed to be very stable and resilient so it can withstand outdoor conditions. Other uses for light towers are: sporting events, concerts, emergency situations and each unit has an on board generator to provide emergency power at the same time it is providing emergency lighting.


Portable traffic lights are used in many situations both planned & unplanned. The units conform to all ITE specifications and MUTCD standards for regular traffic lights. They are full size legal units and are predominately used for one lane, 2-way operations that are needed for longer than 1 day. It is not practical financially to have flaggers for days and days on a job site so these units make it all automatic. Our units are delivered by technicians who also program the units for the traffic pattern (red’s & green’s) most practical for your jobsite. We even offer remote controls to override the system by police & emergency vehicles.

speed radar sign for rent


Speed radar trailers are a piece of equipment that falls into our “Traffic Calming” Category. They slow traffic down by recording and displaying a motorists speed and can even be programmed to flash a light or wail a siren when someone is speeding through a worksite. Use the below links to see other items in our traffic calming line such as speed bumps, speed humps, and signage to “slow ‘em down” and keep workers safe, RAD trailers, as we call them, are vital for work sites that have out of control traffic! They are required on EVERY construction job in Pennsylvania also.

At Traffic Safety Service, we provide all of these items and more in our fleet. Find out more about our traffic safety equipment at

arrow board rental


  • Arrow boards are all aluminum with 15 or 15 LED lamps. Also available with par 36 5 watt halogen sealed beams.
  • Built in solar regulator
  • Battery saver automatic shut-off feature


  • It pays to be prepared. Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. If you have emergency supplies on hand, you’ll be able to manage the situation more calmly and effectively, ultimately leading to a more secure workplace and saving lives. At Traffic Safety Service, LLC, we provide a complete package of Emergency Response Trailers specifically equipped to handle all kinds of emergency situations.


  • A Python® cable protector is an enclosed case that protects the cables running through it. The case is very durable and strong so it can withstand some amount of load and pressure…

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