Crashgard Sand Barrel System and Hoist

Crashgard Sand Barrel System



Crashgard Barrel Insert – $65

Configuration: conical in shape. Inserts will nest.

Design function: allows for ballast of either 200, 400, or 700 lbs. of sand when installed on the ledge molded into the internal lower portion of the barrel. Install conical side up, as indicated.

Molding process and material: rotationally molded from high density polyethylene (HDPE) material


Crashgard Barrel Lid – $65

Configuration: round in shape. Lids will nest.

Design function: tamper-resistant fit on top of barrel. Reduces vandalism and infiltration of water. Lip of lid snaps into a groove in the top of the barrel.

Molding process and material: blow-molded from high molecular, high density polyethylene (HLMI-HDPE) material, which includes UV stabilizer agents. Black in color.


CrashGard Hoist – $3,795

CrashGard Hoist was designed for the safer, easier, and more efficient transport of CrashGard Sand Barrels. With CrashGard Hoist, loading or unloading CrashGard Sand Barrels is at most a two-person operation, and often a one-person operation.

You can purchase the complete CrashGard Sand Barrel System here.

View the CrashGard Hoist for the Sand Barrel System Product Guide for more details.


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