Emergency Response Trailer

It pays to be prepared.

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. If you have emergency supplies on hand, you’ll be able to manage the situation more calmly and effectively, ultimately leading to a more secure workplace and saving lives. At Traffic Safety Service, LLC, we provide a complete package of Emergency Response Trailers specifically equipped to handle all kinds of emergency situations.

When Do You Need an Emergency Trailer?

Emergency Response Trailers are equipped to handle floods, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, traffic accidents, fires, earthquakes, power emergencies, and even sinkholes. When an incident occurs, our towable Emergency Response Trailers have everything you need at hand and ready to deploy.

“The Emergency Response Trailer “ERT” is a safety trailer set up with numerous traffic control devices and pedestrian safety items for Utility Companies, Police and Fire Police Departments, and first responders in need of Traffic Control Devices. In a crisis or emergency, having a dedicated preloaded Trailer with safety items will improve Response time when time is of the essence. We look at the ERT as a mini insurance policy that our customers are glad they purchased.”

  • Mike Pecoraro, Chief Operating Officer, Traffic Safety Service

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Emergency Response Trailer Packages

Those looking to increase the safety of their community and prepare for emergency situations can choose between a base and a premium package depending upon their requirements. All our packages are customizable to include your unique emergency concerns and emergency preparation needs. The following is an example of what our Emergency Response Trailer packages can offer:

emergency response trailers
Base Response Trailer Package:
14′ Trailer
10 Water Barriers
10 A-Frame Barricade Sets
50 28” Cones
2 24×24 Stop Signs w/ Rubber Base
2 Guardsman Batons
2 Rolls Caution Tape
2 Emergency Management Vests
1 Box of Flares
10 Cone Signs
5 Solar Lights
Premium Response Trailer Package:
20′ Trailer
20 Water Barriers
20 A-Frame Barricade Sets
100 28” Cones
4 24×24 Stop Signs w/ Rubber Base
4 Guardsman Batons
4 Rolls Caution Tape
4 Emergency Management Vests
2 Boxes of Flares
20 Cone Signs
10 Solar Lights


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