SCI Ground Mount Attenuator, Test Level 2/3

sci ground mount attenuator

SCI Ground Mount Attenuator, Test Level 2/3


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Our SCI ground mount attenuators come in Test Level 2 and 3.

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  • Transition Kits
  • Epoxy for level 2 and 3 (concrete and asphalt)
  • Anchor Kits
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The World’s Only Speed-Dependent Crash Attenuators

The Smart Cushion® crash attenuator is a revolutionary, speed-dependent product that varies stopping resistance during an impact. The Smart Cushion crash attenuator allows lighter and slower-moving vehicles to have longer ridedown distances and lower ridedown g-forces.

Unlike fixed-resistance attenuators, the Smart Cushion® attenuator does not reach maximum stopping resistance unless a vehicle is traveling at the maximum design speed. This fully re-directive, non-gating, bidirectional, impact attenuator was designed for maximum safety and reusability, as well as outstanding durability before, during and after an impact.

The Smart Cushion® is the only attenuator with a reverse-tapered design to eliminate side panel stress during a collapse. It also has an extremely low angle of exit on side impacts to keep vehicles from rebounding back into traffic and causing secondary accidents.


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2, 3


Asphalt, Concrete