Arrow Board Rental

arrow board rental

Arrow Board Rates
$90 – Daily
$140 – Weekly
$360 – Monthly

Fleet rentals are located in South Plainfield, NJ. Delivery is available for an additional fee within a 200 mile radius of South Plainfield, NJ.

area of service

Arrow Board for Rent

Traffic Safety Service’s Arrow Boards are used to show directions to drivers and people on the project site. The unit has 3 basic modes of operation: left arrow, right arrow, or caution mode. These boards are mounted on a trailer for easy transport and have 15 lights but are available in 25 light configurations for sale.

This board is energy-efficient, easy to use, and made from durable materials. You can fold the system into a travel position to protect the Arrow Board. The board also has Optipower Lens for maximum LED light output and solar panels to recharge the battery quickly.

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