Bucket Truck Rental

Bucket Trucks for Rent

Traffic Safety Service has once again raised the bar for customer service in the traffic safety industry by using only late model or new trucks to build its’ truck fleet for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals as well as the option to purchase a fully equipped safety vehicle. Who is more qualified to recommend and equip you with a safety vehicle than a safety service company?

  • Bucket trucks have long been used to perform aerial tasks in sectors such as telecommunication, utility, signage, forestry, and construction.
  • These vehicles have a hydraulic pole, or boom, that has a bucket attached at the end.
  • The bucket helps keep the workers safe as the boom lifts them up where they can use their tools while safely performing their job in any environment.


Available Bucket Trucks

30’ Bucket Utility Vans
45’ Bucket Trucks (Elliot M43 boom)
45’ Bucket Utility Trucks
60’ Bucket Trucks (Elliot L60 boom)
60’ Bucket Trucks (Elliot V60 boom)
85’ Bucket Trucks (Elliot G85 boom)

Fleet rentals are located in South Plainfield, NJ. Delivery is available for an additional fee within a 200 mile radius of South Plainfield, NJ.

  • 85’ Bucket Trucks with Elliot G85 boom
  • 60’ Bucket Trucks with Elliot L60 boom
  • 60’ Bucket Trucks with Elliot V60 boom

  • 45’ Bucket Trucks with Elliot M43 boo

  • 45’ Utility Bucket Trucks

  • 30’ Bucket Utility Vans

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